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Total to Pay-back    + Interest £

Representative example: Borrow £200 for 28 days. The total charge for credit is £44.80. Interest is fixed at a rate of 0.8% per day (292% per annum fixed). The total repayable is £244.80. 1294.1% APR Representative.

Payday Loans Direct Lenders and Tide U Over

Tide U Over is an established company who is able to introduce to payday loans online. There are a number of Payday Loans Direct Lenders such as Wonga and Quickquid, but Tide U Over's service allows your details and current situation to be matched with a wider selection of direct lenders so you have the best possible chance of finding a loan to suit your needs. Try us now. We do not charge any fees and the lenders you will be matched with all have the appropriate authorisation/permission with the FCA.

Responsible Lending

Responsible lending goes hand in hand with responsible borrowing. Our commitment to you is that we will do our best to grant you a payday loan only when we believe it is reasonable to expect you to repay the payday loan.


Why is the APR so high?

APR means Annual Percentage Rate and it describes the cost of the loan (including interest, fees and charges) for a whole year. It is there to enable consumers to compare credit products and other payday lenders.


How does it work?

Simply complete the application details online and using trusted partners, ours, and their advanced technological platforms, will share your application criteria with lenders to try to match you with a suitable direct lender.

Please note: In order to us our service we require :

  • That you to be over 18 and a UK citizen;
  • That you are in permanent employment;
  • That you have an active UK bank account and valid debit card;
  • That you provide income and expenditure details.

Tide You Over does not conduct a credit search on its customers, however the third parties we work with will conduct a credit search. This credit search will leave a footprint on your credit file.

We do not charge any fees. We do receive commission but we ensure, through are agreements with third parties that this is never passed onto you.

How much can I borrow?

Payday loans tend to be loans for between £100 to £500 , for up to 31 days. Some lenders may limit the amount of credit if you have not had a loan before. However some lenders offer larger amounts over longer periods. All lenders conduct affordability and creditworthiness assessments to ensure that the loan amount they provide is suitable for your circumstances and that you are able to repay it within the term of the loan.

How long does it take?

The application process is easy, hassle free, quick and simple which should only take around 5 minutes for you to complete. Thanks to the advanced technology we, and our trusted partners use, we can do all we can to ensure you have a decision as quickly as possible as we appreciate that customers these days want an instant decision.

What checks will be carried out?

Lenders are likely to check the following as a minimum:

  • Your identity (using bank and address checks);
  • Your credit file (using a credit reference agency);
  • Other fraud and money laundering checks.

Often lenders and credit reference agencies collect publicly available information which can then be compared with the details you have provided. This is why it is so important for you to be absolutely honest when you apply.

Can I trust you?

As part of our commitment to being a transparent, we promise to always be upfront. It is important for you to provide us with accurate information so we help find and match you with a suitable lender for your circumstances. For further information, please feel free to email us or fill out our online contact form.

Credit Checks and Potential impact to credit score

All responsible lenders should conduct a credit check prior to approving a loan, particularly if the customer has not had a loan with that lender before. These checks not only protect lenders but they also protect you as they should ensure that you don't take out credit products which you are not able to afford.

Lenders may also validate your information through credit reference agencies. If you have difficulties in repaying your loan, lenders may notify credit reference agencies. If you default on your payday loan, lenders will inform credit reference agencies, which could make it more difficult and expensive for you to obtain credit in the future.

Non-Payment and Financial Implications

If you fail to repay your loan, and do not contact your lender and offer to set up an alternative repayment arrangement, they may charge default fees of up to £15, and they may notify a third party debt collection agencies. If you are unable to make your repayment in full and on time, contact your lender. They should work with you to help you resolve any problems you are having.

100% Secure

All the information you provide as part of your application for a payday loan is encrypted to protect you against fraud and identity theft. Apply with 100% confidence and peace of mind with our secure, industry standard protections of your personal data.


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